Vitalis Lanshima Announces Candidacy


Louisville, Kentucky – June 19, 2017 Neighborhoods in District 21 are in dire need of revitalization. For far too long, our neighborhoods have been ignored and deprived of investments that will spark economic growth and development. Lanshma’s top priority is “improving infrastructure through private investment and government collaboration.” He adds, "the goal is to transform the way our city does business, and create an environment that will stimulate economic development in the area and create safe neighborhoods”.  

Lanshima, like every other resident in Louisville’s 21st District, understands what’s at stake. Keeping the neighborhood safe needs more than a larger police budget. It needs a multi-faceted approach that includes

  • summer programs to offer children something to do;
  • provide robust job training and placement programs to ensure or youths are better prepared to enter the job market;
  • citizen advisory councils;
  • giving his constituents regular face time with his planned monthly event, Visit with Vitalis;
  • encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurs to set up shop; and
  • public safety initiatives like CCTV cameras in high crime areas and closer work with both community watch groups and LMPD.

According to Lanshima, “there is no reason why our neighborhood cannot have a Frankfort-styled Business Corridor that will attract new independently owned and national restaurants, boutiques, consignment stores, antiques, coffee shops, galleries, and art studios to line the street”. He proposes a 3rd Street Business Corridor would be posited to become Kentucky’s Multicultural Business Hub, highlighting all the multicultural and unique flavors that Louisville and Kentucky has to offer.

As a resident in District 21, he also realizes that more needs to be done to make the area more accessible to those with disabilities. He has the experience and leadership abilities to help create an environment that ensures equal access for independent living, and provide greater access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Lanshima intends to promote the rights and justices under the Americans with Disabilities Act and initiate common sense readily achievable objectives in both public government and the private sector.

Louisville’s District 21 is a neighborhood that has been in transition for a long time. With the Americana Center located in the heart of the District’s Beechmont neighborhood, District 21 is often the first ground that many new immigrants call home. And with Louisville being home to one of the largest annual naturalization ceremonies in the country, it’s important that district and city leadership understand exactly what this means. As a naturalized citizen himself, Lanshima understands the concerns of this large section of our community. He also understands the drive, passion, and ambition it takes to embrace life here.

District 21 needs renewed leadership. Leadership that will listen to constituents and their ideas, and be a champion for our neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are bursting with untapped potential, now is the time to end the culture of lowered expectations and adequately invest in our community.

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