Vitalis_platform.jpgLouisville is becoming a cosmopolitan urban community, where citizens from different social-economic classes, ages, origins, regions, and ethnic backgrounds live in close proximity. We cannot afford to continue investing in one part of the community and ignore others. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to violence in one section of the community, pretending that it will never impact us because of our geographic location.


To develop a peaceful and prosperous community we must create an effective dialogue between civil leaders and policymakers and citizens. We must engage in creative problem-solving to solve significant community problems. A summary of Vitalis’ plan for District 21 includes:

  1. Create District 21 Advisory Council and District Leadership Advisory Council that will advise Vitalis on capital infrastructure, neighborhood development, and budget priorities.

  2. Create a Your Government Initiative: Visit with Vitalis Monthly Series and a bi-weekly neighborhood office hours.

  3. Enhance Woodlawn Business District and Create The 3rd Street Business Corridor to stimulate economic development in District 21.

  4. Reposition and Fully fund the Office of Youth Development (OYD) and fully fund the office to create employment training and career placement within the district.

  5. Support Businesses and Entrepreneurs in District 21 by partnering with organizations to create and sponsor programs that will provide mentoring and businesses workshops.

  6. Invest in Louisville Free Public Library Chrome Kit and Hotspots to bridge the digital literacy divide for citizens from low income neighborhoods to stay digitally connected.

  7. Install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance in high crime areas to deter criminal activity and increase arrest.

  8. Expand the One Love Louisville Ambassador Program to South Louisville.

  9. Spearhead the establishment of Community (Group) Violence Reduction Program to address persistent, citywide patterns of violence.

  10. Partner with Jefferson County Public Schools to create Community Learning Centers (CLCs) to keep southwest schools open after school hours.

  11. Spearhead the establishment and funding of a research-based Crime Free Multi-Housing Program crime prevention program designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gangs in apartment within rental properties.

  12. Create a funding stream for Neighborhood/Block watches to bring citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer.

  13. Work to create a steady stream of funding to fully fund the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

  14. Bring District 21 and Jefferson County neighborhoods into the digital world by building free high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi network Internet access and promoting digital literacy.


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