Police Response to Student at Jeffersonton High School Inexcusable

For far too long we have failed to proactively address the issue of police brutality, rationalizing that we are not Ferguson.

Yet, the video that emerge from Jeffersontown High School indicates otherwise.

For far too long, our children have been subjected to institutionalized violence funded with our tax dollars.

Not only was the young man brutalized, he and his classmates were traumatized and will be scared for life.

The question is, what will be our collective response as a community? Will we respond like we would if one of our children was brutalized, or are we going to cower, dig our heels and take sides, while our children’s generation continue to be traumatized?

I want to stand up for what is right, I want to encourage you to do what is right!!l We as a community must rise to the occasion!! We can do better and non of our children deserve such treatment!!!

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