Thank you for your interest in hosting a Vitalis for County Clerk House Party. This is a very important way to make a difference! Your willingness to open your doors to help the campaign raise money and to allow Vitalis to get his message across to your family and friends is tremendous.

This House Party Kit contains valuable information and guidelines to help ensure your event is a success. If you have any questions or need help coordinating your event, please call us at 502-650-9196 or email and we will work with you to ensure that your House Party is a success.


Thank you for supporting my candidacy for County Clerk. If you are host an event for Team Vitalis or just prefer to donate using a check, please download and print this Contribution Card. Complete the Contribution Card fully and send it in along with you check.

In order for me to comply with Campaign Finance Laws, I must supply the following information to the Registry of Election Finance. Make checks payable to Campaign Fund of Vitalis Lanshima. Also feel free to download and share this Contribution Card with your family and friends who prefer to contribute using a check. If you prefer to donate with a Debit Card or Credit Card, use the DONATE Button above.


Thank you for hosting an event for Vitalis' campaign for County Clerk. To ensure that we follow up with your friends and family and keep them informed about our campaign, please download and print out this sign-in form to use during your event.

Alternatively, you can use our ELETRONIC SIGN-IN on your smart phone, tablet, or computer for your guests to sign-in. Make sure that every guest signs out after signing in to ensure that the form refreshes and is ready for use by the next guest. If you need help with the sign-in process, please do not hesitate to contact the campaign at



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